Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions

The Information Gleamers Collects

Gleamers collects a variety of information that you provide directly to Gleamers. That is then processed when necessary to provide you with the service that you have requested, this is done at the booking stage when you fill in the booking form or when the operator asks for your information either by text, call or by any social media platform. For example Gleamers may have a legitimate interest to process your information to provide you with an ongoing service and letting you know about new services or tell you about offers on existing services. Without you information Gleamers can not provide you with the initial service or an ongoing service.

Terms and conditions 

**1. Service Agreement:**

   - By engaging the services of Gleamers Cleaning Company, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

   - These terms constitute a legally binding agreement between the customer and Gleamers Cleaning Company.

**2. Scope of Services:**

   - Gleamers Cleaning Company will provide cleaning services as agreed upon in the service contract or as otherwise specified.

   - The customer is responsible for providing accurate and complete information regarding the premises to be cleaned.

**3. Service Frequency:**

   - The frequency of cleaning services will be as agreed upon in the service contract.

   - Any requested changes to the frequency must be communicated to Gleamers Cleaning Company in advance.

**4. Payment:**

   - Residential clients have the option to pay by cash or card on the day of the cleaning service.

   - Business clients will receive invoices for services rendered, and payment is due within seven days of the invoice date.

   - Extra charges will apply for clients in need of extensive cleaning services. The extent of additional charges will be communicated and agreed upon before the commencement of the cleaning service.

   - Late payments may incur penalties, and services may be suspended until payment is received.

**5. Cancellations:**

   - Customers must provide a minimum notice period as specified in the service contract for cancellations.

   - Cancellation fees may apply for cancellations made outside the agreed notice period.

**6. Access to Premises:**

   - Customers must provide Gleamers Cleaning Company with access to the premises at the scheduled service times.

   - In the event of restricted access, the customer must notify Gleamers Cleaning Company in advance.

**7. Quality Assurance:**

   - Gleamers Cleaning Company strives to deliver high-quality services; however, there are certain considerations to note:

     - Pet hair removal is not included with carpet, rug, and couch cleaning.

     - Urine odors are not guaranteed to be completely removed with the cleaning process. A separate product may need to be used to remedy this, and the effectiveness may vary.

     - Paint is not guaranteed to be removed from carpets, rugs, and couches. If paint removal is the reason for the booking, please call the operator for advice before making a booking.

   - Customers are encouraged to communicate any concerns or specific requirements regarding the cleaning services during the booking process.

**8. Damages and Liability:**

   - Gleamers Cleaning Company is not responsible for damages to items that occur during the provision of cleaning services.

   - The franchisee, as an independent business owner, assumes full responsibility for any damages caused during the cleaning process.

   - Customers are encouraged to communicate any concerns or issues regarding damages promptly to the franchisee for resolution.

**9. Confidentiality:**

   - Gleamers Cleaning Company respects the privacy of its customers.

   - Customer information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties without consent.

**10. Termination of Services:**

   - Either party may terminate the cleaning services with proper notice as specified in the service contract.

   - Gleamers Cleaning Company reserves the right to terminate services immediately for non-payment or breach of contract.

**11. Governing Law:**

   - This agreement is governed by the laws of [Jurisdiction]. Any disputes will be resolved in accordance with these laws.

**12. Amendments:**

   - Gleamers Cleaning Company reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions with written notice to the customer.

By engaging Gleamers Cleaning Company's services, the customer acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.