Drying times

Drying times

Once your carpets, sofa, mattress, rug or car are get cleaned, it's important to know some details  to ensure the best results! 

They now need to be dried, if not dried properly, a stagnant smell can accumulate.

Advice and information

In the summer and spring time, amongst other methods stated below, the best way to speed up drying times is (if possible) leave windows open fully. We understand it is not always possible as people have work and things to do as part of their day to day life, and also theft is possible, so we only advise this if you or another individual is present inside, or if you are comfortable with leaving the windows open.

During the autumn and winter months, we advise to keep the heating on to help speed the drying process.

Carpet : 

The drying process for a carpet can take approximately 4 hours to dry, we suggest leaving the windows open in the spring and  summer (if possible) and keeping the heating on during the winter and autumn months.

Sofa : 

for a sofa/couch, it can take up to 8 hours to dry, our advice (if possible) is to take big sofa cushions off of the sofa and leave near a radiator or on top, turning every 2 hours to help dry, this also ensures the sofa to dry correctly as leaving the cushions on the sofa can prevent air from drying it.

Rug : 

rugs can take up to 24 -48  hours to dry, to ensure the rug dries correctly we advise (if possible) to hang the rug over a stair bannister or leave it in the garden or yard (if there is no chance of rain) until completly dry. If this isnt a possibilty the rug will start to smell of damp and can ruin the rug. Its best to wait until spring and summer to have a rug cleaned as the best place to dry them is outside.

Mattress : 

for a mattress, it can take up to 8 hours to dry, our advice (if possible) is to turn the mattress on its side so both sides can be aired out ensuring the fastest drying time..

Gleamers car valeting service

After your car has been valeted, it's important to know some information and advice to ensure the best outcome!

If the car is not dried quickly, a stagnant smell can accumulate and mould can develop.

Advice and information

It's important to know that when a car has dirty stains, and has not been cleaned for a long period of time, a lot more water is needed to be used to get the car as clean as possible. This water can seep into the car seats sponge and takes a lot longer to dry.

Our advice to ensure the quickest drying time and best result is to keep the cars heating on for an hour (if possible) or even leaving the windows open slightly to allow air into the car (if possible).

 Please be aware of this before booking in.